Why Do Dogs Run Away?

There are many different reasons why dogs run away. Even if they have a warm, safe and loving home, given the chance, some dogs just can’t help make a run for it. It is important for dog owners to understand why dogs run away so that they can take steps to prevent this from happening.

1. Boredom And Loneliness

The most common reason that dogs run away is that they are looking for companionship or are simply bored. Busy, modern lifestyles can sometimes make it difficult to give your dog all the affection, playtime and walks that it needs. However, you can provide him with a canine companion or find out if there is a dog-walker in your neighborhood.

You can also ask your neighbors who are home during the day or their kids to check on your dog and play with it if they can. A small payment to compensate them for their time will help arrange an agreeable arrangement to keep your dog happy.

2. Hunger And Shelter

Food and shelter are the basic needs of all animals and this is no different from your pet. If it is hungry or has no fresh, clean water, it will go on the hunt for these. So make sure that it is fed on a regular basis or leave food out that it can munch on throughout the day.

A water dispensing bowl is ideal to ensure that it has water all day long. Alternatively, place his bowl under a dripping tap. The dog should also have somewhere cool and shady to go when it is hot, dry when it rains and warm when it is cold – so provide it with adequate shelter.

3. The Escape Artist

Some dogs simply escape because they can. They like to puzzle out how they can get out of the yard and are quite proud of their achievement when they are able to escape. This, however, most commonly occurs with the more intelligent breeds of dogs. In other words, some dog breeds are simply more likely to escape than others. In this case, you need to be more clever than your dog and do the necessary work in your yard to prevent escape as the result of digging, jumping or climbing.

This may be an ongoing process for the escape artist so be prepared to continue making alterations until you are able to successfully secure your yard. It should be noted that these type of dogs more often than not return home on their own or simply wait for their owners to come back without ever leaving. The intention is not to run away but rather to escape – although they may indulge in some exploration while they are out.

4. Mating

Male dogs that have not been neutered (sterilized), will roam to look for a mate. If they smell a female that is in heat in the surrounding neighborhood, they are more likely to make a run for her. However, they may keep roaming looking for more mates and get lost. It is therefore highly recommended to have a male dog neutered to prevent them from wandering.

5. Love Of Life

Some dogs may run away because they have an adventurous spirit or simply love to run and chase. These are the ones that are most likely to bolt at any given opportunity. Obedience training and a sturdy dog harness, as well as security measures for your home and yard, should help.

A dog that runs away does not just run the risk of getting lost or going missing. It can be stolen or worse, injured or run over. It is always best to take as many steps as necessary to prevent your dog from running away.